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In the fall of 2015 I was shown a wonderful old apartment in our village. It had been the schoolmaster’s home until the early 1980’s. When a new school was built the old one-room schoolhouse was closed along with this apartment. When I saw this place for the first time, it was in a state of neglect after having been closed for thirty-five years. I spent several months restoring this apartment, and by spring of 2016 I moved my studio here.

I have both upper floors. The building faces south, and even in winter I have plenty of sunlight. The attic was quite a mess too, but I cleaned and swept it, turning it into another shop area with plenty of room for storage.

This is the main room where I paint. I have two large windows and a very decent bank of quartz-halogen lights

Same room, different angle.

Same room again.

And again.


Gallery/ office